Danny's 5 keys for Indiana

By Danny Breslauer

1) The emotions will be flipped. It was Senior Night in Iowa, Senior Night @ RAC & now Senior Day at Assembly Hall. Juwan Morgan has been an important player for that program, so you know he'll be playing at a high gear. Also, it could be Romeo Langford's final home game @ IU.

2) Let's find a happy shooting medium from the perimeter... not 4-for-24 or 11-for-23. Somewhere in between will do the trick. IU's perimeter defense is as good as PSU's, so the key will be using that 2nd half dribble-and-kick w/ some combination of Baker, McConnell & Harper.

3) The Jan. 30 tape from the RAC won't tell RU much for Sunday. With Davis and Green back, Indiana is a different team. First of all, @RutgersMBB's bigs won't have as much of their way down low w/ Davis joining Morgan in that back line. RU will need Carter to help Johnson Sunday.

4) RU's guards will have a height advantage, & while that won't be helpful from a speed perspective on offense, it will be critical to the Scarlet Knights' close-outs. Indiana is one of the least dangerous 3-point shooting teams in the Big Ten, but Aljami Durham can make you pay.

5) Some believe that #Rutgers earning a @B1GMBBall bye wouldn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. I entirely disagree. Sunday could be an 8th conference win, complete a 15-15 regular season & secure the bye. That's big for perception. Look forward to a noon tip Sunday!

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Jon Newman