Episode 34: Theresa Grentz

EP. 34 The First Full-Time Head Coach (Theresa Grentz)

 The Scarlet Spotlight welcomes Hall of Fame head coach Theresa Grentz to the podcast for Episode 34. The longtime Rutgers women's basketball coach led the RU program for 20 years from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s, mentoring some of the best players in RU history. Grentz discusses becoming the first full-time, women's basketball head coach in the nation, headlining doubleheaders with the men's program at the RAC and fighting for equal opportunities for her players. She touches on the coaching careers of her graduates, and the work ethic she tried to instill in her team en route to the 1982 AIAW national title. In The Scarlet Six, Danny and Jon talk about Big Ten football media day, the new RU baseball head coach and more in our mid-summer edition.

Jon Newman