Episode 30: Keith Sargeant

EP. 30 "The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence" (Rutgers Athletics Strategic Vision)

 Breaking news dictated the topic for Episode 30 of The Scarlet Spotlight. Originally intended as our 2018-2019 Rutgers Athletics year in review, RU dropped its long-awaited strategic plan in advance of the holiday. Danny and Jon are joined by NJ Advance Media's Keith Sargeant -- for his second appearance on the podcast. The trio gives a section-by-section review of the document that will drive the strategic direction of the athletic department for at least the next five years. Danny, Jon & Keith debate the positives and negatives of the vision, discuss the merits of quantifying goals for the Scarlet Knights' programs and convey the important action items for Pat Hobbs & Rutgers Athletics in the coming months. 

Jon Newman