Episode 27: Pat Hobbs

EP.:27 The Athletic Director Returns (Pat Hobbs)

 The Scarlet Spotlight welcomes its first repeat guest for Episode 27. The Rutgers Athletic Director, Pat Hobbs, makes his second appearance on the podcast... returning nearly a year to the day after joining the show in its inaugural month. Hobbs gives a year in review for RU athletics, and discusses the CSS report his department commissioned in 2018. Additionally, he touches on the decision to retain Rutgers football Coach Chris Ash after a 1-11 season, excitement around the RAC for the RU hoops programs and optimism across the board for the athletic department. Other topics include: the beer/wine sales and food vendor RFP, what coaches are asking for to build their programs and which two words he wants to remove from the Rutgers vocabulary. Following the interview, Danny and Jon give some news and notes around Rutgers women's hoops and wrestling as they prep for the NCAAs, as well as a quick recap of the RU men's basketball season.

Jon Newman